The newbie's guide is a guide created by Xenova to help new player's learn to get a feel for the game and is not the only way to play the game, though reaching 30 speed is HIGHLY recommended. This allows you to earn 3 skills points per level instead of 1 (with speeds 10-19) or 2 skill points per level (with speeds 20-29).

The game starts with you creating a character, choosing your name and starting class. It is recommended to start with a class that has 19 speed. You may notice there is a class that has 22 speed, the skud. Skud is recommended for adept players as it is the hardest to train at lower levels due to its low strength and defense. Choose your name and login to the world :) 

Ss (2013-01-09 at 09.59.12)

Character Creation Screen

This is the screen mentioned above.

Shortly after creating your character you will arrive at the starting area. "The Docks" or also referred to as "Dox, Docks, The Dox"

Ss (2013-01-09 at 10.02.04)

Chillin' at the "Docks"

It's not in this screenshot, but if you notice on the right hand of the screen outside of the map on the heads up display, there are a bunch of icons. Each one does a different job. Click the brown bag and buy some stuff from the shop keeper here (You can be anywhere on a map and still buy from a shop) and proceed out of this map to the north and start slaying cows for exp.

An alternative is to grab a few sets of docks equipment, then head into the caves 1 map above and start killing Rats. They do not do as much damage as cows and are a much better source of gold even though they only drop at a rate of 1/2. They will usually suffice until you can afford a bandana & a short sword at which point you should start training on Wild Boars. -Aryth

to be continued...

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